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IR function:

  •   0 Lux minimum illumination
  •   Up to 150m IR distance
  •   IR light MTBF reaching up to 30,000 hours

System function:

  •  High performance CMOS, up to 1920x1080 resolution
  •   Smart pre-heating system, start at -40℃ low temperature
  •   Support smart tracking
  •  ±0.1° Preset Accuracy
  •   ONVIF(Open Network Video Interface Forum), CGI(Common Gateway Interface), PSIA(Physical Security Interoperability Alliance), to ensure greater interoperability between different platforms and compatibility
  •  3D intelligent positioning function
  •  3D DNR
  •   Power-off memory function: restore PTZ & Lens status after reboot
  •   IP66 standard (outdoor dome)
  •   Scheduled PTZ movement
  •   Support 24VAC/Hi-PoE

Smart function:ance trigger / Region exiting

  •  Smart detection: support face detection, intrusion detection, line crossing detection, audio exception detection, region entrance, region exiting
  •   Smart recording: support edge recording, support smart search in smart NVR
  •   Smart image processing: support defog, HLC, smart IR, EIS
  •  Smart codec: low bit rate, ROI

Camera function:

  •   Auto iris, auto focus, auto white balance, backlight compensation and auto day & night switch
  •   Min. Illumination: 0.02Lux@(F1.6,AGC ON)(Color), 0.002Lux@(F1.6,AGC ON)(B/W)
  •  Support privacy mask with multiple colors and mosaics on polygonal areas

PTZ function:

  •   360° endless pan range and -2°-90° tilt range (-10°-90° optional)
  •  240°/s Pan Preset Speed and 200°/s Tilt Preset Speed
  •   0.1°-160°/s Manual Pan Speed and 0.1°-120°/s Manual Tilt Speed
  •  300 presets programmable; preset image freezing capability
  •   8 patrols, up to 32 presets per patrol 
  •   4 patterns, with the recording time not less than 10 minutes per pattern
  •   Proportional zoom function
  •   Park action: auto call up of PTZ movement, after a defined time of inactivity
  •   7 alarm inputs and 2 alarm outputs

Network function:

  •   H.264/MJPEG/MPEG4 video compression and the latest Davinci processing chip and platform
  •   Support H.264 encoding with Baseline/Main/High profile
  •   ROI(Region of Interest) encoding(support 24 areas with adjustable levels)
  •  Built-in Web server
  •   Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC card local storage
  •  Support up to 8 NAS storage; Edge recording(transmit the videos from SD card to the NAS after network resumed)
  •  HTTPS encryption and IEEE 802.1X port-based network access control
  •  Support three-stream; Basic and advanced video configuration; Real time video at 1080P/960P/720P
  •  Multiple network protocols supported: IPv4/Ipv6, HTTP, HTTPS, 802.1X, QoS, FTP, SMTP, UPnP, SNMP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, RTSP, RTP, TCP, UDP, IGMP, ICMP, DHCP, PPPoE
  •   1 audio input and 1 audio output 


Alarm Input : 7Inputs
Alarm Output : 2channel relay output, with configurable alarm actions
Alarm Actions : Preset, patrol, pattern, SD/SDHC card recording, relay output, notifi cation on client
سنسور تصویر : 1/2.8Progressive Scan CMOS
Effective Pixels : 1920H×1080V
سیگنال رمزگذاری سیستم : PAL/NTSC
Minimum Illumination : Color : 0.3 lux (F1.6,1/30 sec, 50 IRE, AGC On) B/W : 0.02 lux (F1.6,1/30 sec, 50 IRE, AGC On) 0 lux with IR Color : 0.02 lux (F1.6, 1/1 sec, 50 IRE, AGC On) B/W : 0.002 lux (F1.6, 1/1 sec, 50 IRE, AGC On) 0 lux with IR
White Balance : Auto/Manual/ATW/Indoor/Outdoor/Daylight lamp/Sodium lamp
AGC : Auto/Manual
S/N Ratio : 55dB
HLC : Support
Smart defog : Support
WDR : Support
سرعت شاتر : 50Hz: 1-1/30,000s 60Hz: 1-1/30,000s
شب - روز : ICR
Digital Zoom : 16X
Privacy Masking : 24privacy masks programmable; optional multiple colors and mosaics
Auto Focus : Auto / Semi-automatic / Manual
Client GUI
Camera Control : Pan/Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Click centering, Zoom by mouse dragging, Iris, preset calling and programming, auto mode
Date & Time Display : Time: Week: Date, 6 formats on the Client
Client : Support iVMS-4200
Web Browser : IE 7+, Chrome 18 +, Firefox 5.0 +, Safari 5.02 +, support multi-language
RS-485 Protocols : HIKVISION, Pelco-P, Pelco-D, self-adaptive
Menu Language : English / Chinese
منبع تغذیه : 24VAC & Hi-PoE
توان مصرفی : (24VAC: 60W max(heater: 45W) Hi-PoE: 50W max(heater: 20W
Working Temperature/Humidity : 24VAC: -40 ℃-65℃(outdoor dome) Hi-PoE: -30 ℃-65℃(outdoor dome) 90% or less
Protection Level : IP66 standard (outdoor dome) TVS 4,000V lightning protection, surge protection and voltage transient protection
Mounting : Various mounting modes optional
ابعاد به میلیمتر : 399×245
وزن : 6000گرم
Mount Option : Long-arm wall mount: DS-1602ZJ;Corner mount: DS-1602ZJ-corner; Pole Mount: DS-1602ZJ-pole; Power box mount:DS-1602ZJ-box
IR irradiation distance : 150m
IR irradiation angle : Adjustable by zoom
Input & Output
Monitor Output : 1.0Vp-p / 75Ω, NTSC (or PAL) composite, BNC
ورودی صدا : 1Mic in/Line in interface Line input: 2-2.4V[p-p]; output impedance: 1KΩ, ±10%
Audio Output : 1Audio output interface Line level, impedance: 600Ω
Focal Length : 4.3-129mm, 30x
Zoom Speed : (Approx.3s(Optical Wide-Tele
Angle of View : 65.5-2.11degree Wide-Tele
Minimum Working Distance : (10-1500mm(Wide-Tele
Aperture Range : F1.6-F5.0
Ethernet : 10Base -T, /100Base-TX, RJ45 Connector
Max.Image Resolution : 1080×1920
Main Stream : 50Hz: 25fps(1920×1080), 25fps(1280×960), 25fps (1280×720) 60Hz: 30fps(1920×1080), 30fps(1280×960), 30fps (1280×720)
Sub Stream : (50Hz: 25fps(704×576), 25fps (352×288), 25fps (176×144) 60Hz: 30fps(704×480), 30fps (352×240), 30fps (176×120
Third Stream : 50Hz: 25fps(1920×1080), 25fps(1280×960), 25fps (1280×720), 25fps(704×576), 25fps (352×288), 25fps (176×144) 60Hz: 30fps(1920×1080), 30fps(1280×960), 30fps (1280×720), 30fps(704×480), 30fps (352×240), 30fps (176×120)
Image Compression : H.264/MJPEG/MPEG4, H.264 encoding with Baseline/Main/High profile
ROI encoding : Support 24 areas with adjustable levels
Audio Compression : G.711ulaw/G.711alaw/G.726/MP2L2/G.722
No. of Simultaneous Users : Up to 20 users
Three-Stream : Support
Mini SD Card : Manual REC / Alarm REC. Built-in SD/SDHC Slot, up to 64GB Edge recording
User/Host Level : Up to 32 users,3 Levels: Administrator, Operator and User
Security Measures : User authentication (ID and PW), Host authentication (MAC address) IP address filtering
Pan & Tilt
Pan Range : 360°endless
Pan Speed : Pan Manual Speed: 0.1°~160°/s, Pan Preset Speed: 240°/s
Tilt Range : Auto Flip-2°-90°
Tilt Speed : ,Tilt Manual Speed: 0.1°~120°/s Tilt Preset Speed: 200°/s
Proportional Zoom : Rotation speed can be adjusted automatically according to zoom multiples
Number of Preset : 300
Patrol : 8patrols, up to 32 presets per patrol
Pattern : 4patterns, with the recording time not less than 10 minutes per pattern
Power loss recovery : Support
Park Action : Preset / Patrol / Pattern / Pan scan / Tilt scan / Random scan / Frame scan / Panorama scan
PTZ Position Display : ON/OFF
Freeze Frame : Support
Smart-tracking : Manual/ Panorama/ Intrusion trigger/ Line crossing trigger / Region entrance trigger / Region exiting trigger
کد محصول DS-2DF7286
وزن 6000 گرم

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